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Dark Illusion

The False Mirror

When a powerful woman consumed by revenge leads innocent beauties right into her trap . . . 
This is the fascinating story of three strong women: an international model, a successful businesswoman hiding a dark secret, and a determined detective. While revenge rears its ugly head, love begins to blossom. The women's past is woven into the chain of murders, leading to an unpredictable ending. What begins as a seemingly simple mystery ends in a darker and more complex place than the reader could ever expect. 

Sharon's pursuit of the elusive killer leads her to the glamorous fashion world and to a renowned magazine editor, who obviously has something to hide. She uncovers the involvement of a famous supermodel, gravely unaware of the great danger lurking. It all has to do with an awful tragedy that had been kept as a secret for the last twenty years. Will Sharon put together all the pieces of the puzzle in time to save the next victim?
DARK ILLUSION is a can't-put-it-down psychological thriller about the tenacious NYPD homicide detective, Sharon Davis, and her mission to catch a ruthless serial killer who disfigures the faces of beautiful, young women before killing them.
DARK ILLUSION centers on desire, vengeance, strong, confident, often fearless women, and the deception that is beauty.

After winning glory for bravely catching a ruthless serial murderess, Sharon Davis, the beautiful and tenacious NYPD homicide detective, stands before a new mystery – the unexplained death of a notorious escort girl, who catered primarily to New York’s elite. Was it a murder or an unfortunate accident? No one knows, and it is Sharon’s job to find out. In the middle of the high-profile case she meets Becky, a young girl who desperately needs her help.
Sixteen-year-old Becky’s entire world crumbles overnight when she manages to avoid an assassination in which her mother was murdered, her brother was severely injured, and her father disappeared without a trace. She discovers that her family was in the Witness Protection Program and that her only remaining relative, Uncle Jake, is, in fact, their marshal. Becky quickly understands that she must leave her peaceful hometown and search for clues about her about her mysterious part in New York City, where she crosses paths with the famous detective. 

Supposedly two different mysteries, with two different solutions. Is that so? 

The questions keep piling up as the plot moves forward. Who stands behind the abduction for Becky’s father? How will Sharon’s chase after a sadist and dangerous killer turn out? And where will the surprising connection that formed between her and the rugged marshal lead? 

The False Mirror is a riveting and sophisticated thriller novel that interweaves love and passion with witty dialogues, sharp humor, and question marks with surprising answers. 

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