“It’s not every day that I read a debut novel of a young author that wins me over without flipping forward. Dana V. Moison’s book is one of those novels. A young journalist who published her first novel at the age of 23 and instantly became an emerging talent that is definitely worth following.”

Portal 1909, Tom Edisman

“Wonderful book!
It combines mystery and romance in a very unique way and contains perseverance against wickedness, secrets against lies, and a great twist at the end. 
The killer’s identity is revealed right in the beginning –
a murderess of beautiful women that all have one thing
in common . . .
The story takes place in two arenas that eventually meet – the first one introduces Gloria, a stunningly beautiful and very successful model, who is intended to shoot a special campaign presenting the most powerful beauty there is. The second arena focuses on the killer and the police’s efforts to discover who is behind the murders. Detective Sharon Davis, who is very tenacious and has a unique perspective, investigates the murders without any leads until a clue that at first glance appears to be irrelevant grabs her and, from there, in the speed of a snowball going downhill, the various ends begin to connect. A fast-paced novel with great suspense.”

Nuritha reviews, Yael Zin.

Rinat Klein (Israeli Author)

Amnon Jacont (Israeli Author)

“Dark Illusion is a well-written mystery novel: it focuses on a serial killer who murders beautiful women and leaves their disfigured bodies all over town. Sharon Davis, an NYPD detective, is going on a quest to discover who stands behind these awful murders. Also involved are a super-model and a business woman who has something to hide. The twists in the plot are surprising and the solution is unexpected. In addition to that, the time is running out so the detective may not be able to save the next victim . . .”

Editorial Reviews

“There are two kinds of thriller novels: the first one doesn’t tell you who the killer is and then the question is “who?” The second kind reveals relatively early the killer’s identity and then the question is “why?” Dana V. Moison’s novel belongs to the second kind.
Why is Kelly Danes, a fashion magazine editor, a normative woman, considered a pillar of the community, tormenting and killing beautiful, young women in cold blood? Sharon Davis, a tough NYPD investigator, tries to find the solution while playing cat-and-mouse with the killer.
Although it looks like Kelly is always one step ahead of the police,
Sharon doesn’t give up and attempts to solve the case –
even at the expense of her personal life.
Eventually, the mystery is solved, but is it the obvious solution?
Probably not!
Reading this book was thrilling and intriguing.”