Dana is interviewed about her books on Israel National Television (2020)

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"A twisted dark psychological thriller that will leave you breathless. I put this book up there with Dean Koontz-Intensity. It is one you do not want to put down. It is complex, the characters are fully developed and have underlying stories to tell that makes this book magic."

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"It was a mystery through and through. When you thought that you had it figured out, a twist came and totally blew you away. The twist at the end was the one that had me scratching my head and going "What in the world...."I also liked the secondary storylines between Gloria and Andy and also between Sharon and Chris. The romance between them was good and believable.A great thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat."

"Wow, talk about a curve ball. This book has some spins in it that''s for sure. Dark Illusion by Dana V. Moison is a very well written story full of suspense. The prolog itself will have you tilt your head and asking"What the!". I love how it gives each of the characters room to explore their role. I would have to say that my favorite persona is Sharon, a Detective for NYPD. A good detective follows every lead no matter what or who it is, and some even lose a lot of sleep over a case. This book is defiantly in my favorite''s category.Warning: May cause sleep deprivation if read at night."

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